Working environment on board

  • 13.04.2015
  • 15:21

Work and off-duty time on board shall be arranged and organized so that the safety of the workers is ensured.

The physical and mental health of the workers shall not suffer due to working environment or the nature of the work. Furthermore, it must be ensured that those who work on board are protected against risks arising, or that are likely to arise, from exposure to chemicals or biological agents in the working environment.

Regulation concerning the working environment, health and safety of workers on board ship (link to NMA-website), stipulates provisions concerning the working environment and protection of the workers’ health.

The Ship Labour Act regulates the conditions of employment, the right to leave of absence, holidays, etc.

Risk assessment

It is required that hazards on board the fishing vessel are identified and assessed according to the level of risk these pose to people, environment and equipment.

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