New regulation for vessels under 15 meters

  • 14.04.2015
  • 13:29

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has implemented new legislation for fishing vessels under 15 meters overall length.

The new regulation entails that all fishing vessels over 8 meters overall length must pass an initial inspection by one of the companies approved by the NMA. This inspection is to verify that the vessel satisfies safety demands in construction and equipment, and will be carried out in accordance with check-lists developed by the Authority. After passing the inspection, the approved company will issue vessel instructions for posting in a conspicuous place on board.

For vessels from 8 till 9 meters overall length the vessel instructions do not carry an expiry date. However, the vessel is to presented for periodic simplified inspection by an approved company every period of 30 months for the instructions to remain valid.

More information on specific demands for vessels according to building date, overall length and area of operations, including when regulations enter into force can be found here.