Accidents happen. When they do, it is mandatory to report to the Norwegian Maritime Authority within 72 hours. Accident reports are filed and applied for further learning on how to prevent them from happening again.

The accident reports are designed to gather the most relevant information related to the accident. This allows us to gather and analyze information and compile reports that identify trends and possible accident preventing measures.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority is expected to utilize information from accident reports in preventive safety work, especially related to unannounced inspections on board vessels and as ISM-inspections of shipping companies administrative units.

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How to report an incident or accident

Accidents with personell or vessels, close calls and other incidents are to be reported to the Norwegian Maritime Authority within 72 hours.

You may report via a PDF-form sent us by e-mail, or via a fully digital form available by login to Altinn (in Norwegian/for Norwegian citizens). The latter ensures more efficient completion since your vessel information is already filled out in the form.

Accident form as PDF

Accident form via Altinn


Emergencies and life-saving equipment

Be prepared when accidents happen!

Time is a critical factor in an emergency situation, with events happening in seconds. It is important for the crew to have practised how to react in an emergency. It is also vital that the crew knows how to operate emergency equipment which must be in working order and well maintained at all times.


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Accident investigation and reporting

Accident reports from the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN).

The Maritime department of the AIBN became operative on July 1st 2008.The purpose of AIBN investigations is to clarify the sequence of events and factors which are assumed to be of importance for the prevention of transport accidents. The AIBN shall not apportion blame or liability.

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Accident statistics

The Norwegian Maritime Authority gathers data on all accidents at sea involving Norwegian fishing vessels and foreign fishing vessels in Norwegian waters.

All work-related personell accidents are also recorded. Personell accidents are defined as any incident resulting in physical harm to a person on board which does not do damage to the vessel.


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